How To Calculate Bricks Needed For An Earthwork Project?

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Update: December 21, 2023
Calculation of Bricks
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If you have just started an earthwork project like building a wall, house, or building, it is very necessary for you to estimate the material before you actually start to build.

For accurate brick quantity estimates, employ an online brick calculator. Input wall dimensions—length, height, and thickness—and the calculator online will provide a precise count, factoring in mortar and other variables. This aids in efficient project planning, ensuring you acquire the right amount of bricks for your construction endeavour.

Yes, any contractor should always purchase 5 percent extra bricks to ensure the availability till the project ends. And this is where the brick calculator helps them a lot.

Importance of Calculating Bricks:

Cost Efficiency: Do not spend more money on any extra material that will be of no use after the completion of the project.
Resource Optimization: Calculating bricks before the project starts helps you to avoid any wastage that might pollute the environment as well.
Project Accuracy: With accurate brick calculations, you may avoid any material shortages that cost you little also

Brick Calculator: Your Go-To Tool:

Brick Calculator

The advanced tool helps you to estimate:
  • Wall area
  • Number of bricks needed
  • Cost of bricks

How To Use The Tool?

  • First, enter the data for the wall dimensions
  • Now enter the brick dimensions
  • Enter the mortar joint thickness
  • To calculate cost as well, enter the cost per unit of brick.

How To Calculate Bricks?

Well, the procedure is so simple! All you need to do is use the following formulas to continue:

Without Openings:

● Number of Bricks = (Length of wall * height of wall)/(brick length * brick height)

With Openings:

● Number of Bricks = (Total area of the wall - area of openings)/Area of the brick

Including Mortar Calculations:

● Number of Bricks = (Total area of the wall + Mortar area)/Area of the brick

Example Calculations:

Suppose you want to build a wall with the following dimensions:
Length = 5 feet
Height = 6 feet
Brick size = 9 * 4
Mortar Thickness = 0.5 inches


First of all, convert dimensions to inches as follows:
Length: 5 feet * 12 inches/foot = 60 inches
Height: 6 feet * 12 inches/foot = 72 inches

After that, figure out the area of brick without mortar joint thickness:
Brick size = 9 inches * 4 inches = 36 square inches

Add mortar thickness:
Mortar Thickness = 0.5 inches on each side,
So a total of 1 inch is added to both dimensions.
Effective brick size = (9 inches + 1 inch) * (4 inches + 1 inch) = 10 inches * 5 inches = 50 square inches

Determine the total area of the wall:

Total wall area = Length * Height = 60 inches * 72 inches = 4,320 square inches

Calculate the number of bricks:

Number of bricks = Total wall area / Effective brick size
Number of bricks = 4,320 / 50
Number of bricks = 86.42 bricks = approx 83 bricks

  • For every wall layer, perform the computation one more
  • Take into account any windows, doors, or apertures
  • Include extra space for broken or wasted bricks

Why Calculate Bricks?

Brick Wall

Cost Efficiency:

If you do brick calculations perfectly, you actually reduce the need for the excess material purchase. This also reduces the wastage because you already bought the needed amount. Construction is not cheap. It is very costly once you start it.
But proper planning of rebar, brick, and concrete estimations can help you decide better on material purchase. It can also be done by the brick calculator that tells you the real estimation of the brick number sufficient to complete your construction.

Resource Optimization:

One of the main principles of sustainability in construction is the efficient use of resources. Determining the required quantity of bricks minimises waste and lessens the project's environmental effect, ensuring resource optimization.
In addition to adding to expenses, collecting too many bricks might create needless problems with waste removal. Construction teams can minimize the environmental impact of their projects and deal with modern standards of sustainable and ethical building practices by precisely predicting the quantity needed.

Project Accuracy:

The accuracy of the project as a whole is closely related to brick calculations' precision. Inaccurate approximations may result in delays, more effort, and possible disturbances to the construction schedule.
When project managers know the precise number of bricks required, they can better organize logistics and guarantee a seamless and timely completion. This degree of precision is especially important when managing challenging construction schedules or short deadlines.


Figuring out how many bricks you'll need is essential to any earthwork project, whether you want to use an online brick calculator or do calculations by hand.

By following these recommendations and comprehending the associated calculations, you may plan your construction with confidence, cut expenses, and improve the outcome of your project.

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