The blog "Civil Allied Gyan" is basically related to the Latest Civil Engineering Knowledge which deals with Laboratory Tests and Field Tests on the various Construction Materials.

Here, one can easily understand all the testing procedures and use in various projects. Also it will help to improve QA (Quality Assurance)/ QC (Quality Control) Engineering knowledge for ensuring the quality products produced by company.

All the information in this blog is written on the basis of Indian Standard (IS) or I.S. Code, ASTM International, Canadian Standard Associations (CSA), British Standard & Australian Standard, DIN, etc.

This blog is written by Expert Civil Engineers which provides huge information and resources on the civil engineering notes and latest laboratory & Field testing methods for Coarse Aggregates, Fine Aggregates, Cement,  Water, Admixture, Soil, Steel, Bricks, Paper, Timber, Pipes, Tiles, Paints, Fresh Concrete, Hard Concrete, Concrete Mix Design etc.

This blog is founded by Er. Diwakar Kumar &

Fully maintained by Mr. Prabhakar Kumar.

This portal also provides very helpful information on maintenance of the physically and naturally built environment like Roads, Bridges, Buildings, Canals & Dams etc.

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