Explain Why Flow Control Valves are Crucial in Plumbing Systems

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Update: October 31, 2023
Importance of Control Valves in Plumbing Systems
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Today, one of the most important parts of a plumbing system is a flow control valve because it helps to control the flow rate of the water in the pipes. A proportional solenoid valve in the plumbing system of a building serves to keep the flow rate equal to the set value and keep the other process variables such as pressure low so that water appliances can operate efficiently. The reason for their wide use in the plumbing system is their ability to be adjusted as per the needs of the user.

Below we have mentioned some key reasons to understand why a flow valve is essential in plumbing systems:

Flow Rate Adjustment:

The presence of a flow control valve allows you to adjust the flow rate of the water as per the need or the capacity of the plumbing system. This is the most vital thing when you have to balance the water distribution in all the parts of a building and need to run all the water appliances.

For instance, people often face irrigation system failure in their lawn areas or uneven distribution of water in the lawn. It happens because of the high flow rate or the fluctuation in the flow of the water. The presence of a solenoid proportional valve enables you to control the flow rate and the process variables. This way you can get the expected performance from your water appliances.

Pressure Regulation:

The availability of a proportional solenoid valve in the plumbing system of a building ensures the safe regulation of water in the whole building while keeping the pressure low. The water that comes from the main source can have a high pressure and there can be fluctuations in it which can cause the pipes to burst or can cause the water appliances to malfunction. But if you install a valve it will keep the flow rate equal to the set value and pressure low so that all the water appliances can work efficiently and you don't have to bear heavy repairs.

Saves money and water:

Flow control valves are very useful in saving water. When the water comes out with a high pressure, then a high amount of water comes out from the system. The necessary amount is used and the excess goes to waste. By installing the latest and water-efficient appliances, faucets, and a solenoid operated valve you can save a large amount of water. As a result, you will have to pay less utility bills.

Optimize the performance of Water Appliances:

A control valve lets the water flow at the set flow rate and keeps the pressure equal to the user-defined value. When the flow rate is adequate and the pressure is low as per the need then the water appliances work efficiently and provide the expected output to the users. This way, a proportional flow control valve also serves to enhance the lifespan of your water appliances.

Final Words:

A flow control valve is an important component of the plumbing system as we have discussed above. The presence of this proportional solenoid valve helps in saving water and optimizing the performance of the water appliances. Additionally, it also provides a great element of safety.

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