Top 10 Terrace Tiles Ideas for a Stunning Outdoor Space


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With this blog post transform your outdoor haven with these top 10 terrace tile ideas! From elegant porcelain to rustic stone, discover the perfect tiles for a stunning outdoor space. Explore now and elevate your terrace to the next level.

Top 10 Terrace Tiles Ideas for a Stunning Outdoor Space

Top 10 Terrace Tiles Ideas for Stunning Outdoor Space
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Building an open terrace seating space requires careful consideration. Choose weather-resistant furniture that suits your style and needs. Install shade solutions like umbrellas or pergolas for comfort during sunny days. Select durable and non-slip flooring options such as outdoor tiles. Incorporate appropriate lighting for ambience and functionality. Enhance the environment with potted plants and greenery.

Ensure seating comfort with cushions and outdoor rugs. Include functional elements like tables and storage. You can prioritise safety by installing proper railings and assessing weight capacity. Personalise the space with colours, decor, and views. Create a welcoming haven where you can relax, entertain, and make the most of your terrace.

What are Terrace Tiles?

Terrace tiles are vitrified tiles specially made for outdoor spaces. The sturdy vitrified tiles can bear the environmental elements like sun, rain, dust, and wind along with the footfall without stress. Plus, the glazed vitrified tiles can add amazing appearances to the floor with their unique patterns and designs.

Also, these tiles offer better all-weather grip than indoor floor tiles. The added surface hardness of the terrace tiles means that you can also place furniture on these tiles without harming their appearance.

How Are Terrace Tiles Different From Other Floor Tiles?

Terrace tiles have several differences from indoor floor tiles, even though both can be glazed vitrified:
Terrace Tiles Indoor Tiles
Vitrified or glazed vitrified tiles only. Can be glazed vitrified and non-vitrified.
Available with matte finish high-grip surface. Several surface finishes, including – matte, high-gloss, polished, carving, satin, rustic, etc.
Usually available in smaller sizes, i.e., 60x60cm, 40x40cm, and 30x30cm. Available in various sizes including 30x30 and 40x40cm. Large size tiles can go up to 180x240cm.
Tile thickness ranges from 0.8cm to 2cm. Higher thickness should be used in places with heavier traffic. 0.8 to 1 cm thick tiles are good enough for indoor floor usage.

Top 10 Terrace Tile Designs

While terrace tiles feature similar physical properties and offer similar functional benefits, you can never get enough of their design aesthetics. Here are the top ten most popular designs and patterns available with these specialised tiles in India:

1. Marble Elegance

Continuing the touch of lavishness to the terrace floor of your house with black or white marble look tiles exudes sophistication and grandeur. Marble-look terrace tiles can elevate your terrace with the opulence of the gracious stone while offering all the functional benefits of a vitrified tile. 

The intricate veining and patterns of marble-look tiles replicate nature's elegance and can transform your terrace into a luxurious retreat.

2. Natural Stone Elegance

Envision your terrace as a work of art with sandstone and slate-patterned tiles that grace both the floor and seating area. These tiles emulate the timeless beauty of natural stones while offering the practicality of vitrified material. The intricate veins and patterns replicate nature's elegance, transforming your terrace into a luxurious haven.

With a touch of opulence underfoot, your outdoor space exudes sophistication. Whether you're lounging or entertaining, be assured that you will offer a unique ambience of refined beauty with white marble terrace tiles.

3. Wood-Inspired Tiles

The warmth of wood-patterned terrace tiles is unmatched. This tile pattern captures the natural essence of wood while offering the durability of vitrified tiles. The intricate grain and textures replicate the organic allure of timber, transforming your terrace into a rustic retreat.

With the charm of wood beneath your feet, your outdoor space exudes cosiness and authenticity. Whether you're unwinding or hosting, the wood-patterned tiles create an inviting atmosphere, turning your terrace into a haven for nature-inspired relaxation and outdoor gatherings.

4. Solar Reflective Tiles

Solar reflective tiles or cool roof tiles are the kind of addition to your terrace floor that will add value to the terrace as well as the building. These tiles feature a highly reflective coating that radiates heat much faster than other tiles. The result is a cooler terrace floor and the room underneath.

You can even walk barefoot on the terrace during the hottest days in summer. These terrace tiles will be a tad more expensive than other terrace tiles, but recover your investment multi-fold over the years with savings in electricity bills.

5. Classic Mediterranean Vibe with Terracotta

Few materials can evoke the timeless appeal of a Mediterranean ambience than terracotta tiles. Terracotta-designed terrace tiles can infuse your terrace with rustic charm, gracing both the floor and seating area. These tiles capture the earthy allure of terracotta while offering modern durability.

The warm hues and textured details replicate the timeless beauty of clay, transforming your terrace into a cosy oasis. Your terrace seating space will certainly exude a welcoming atmosphere with a touch of the traditional elegance of the terracotta floor.

6. Designer Porcelain Tiles

It is natural to seek novel adventures in life but in design, life is about novelty. This is what designer porcelain tiles like Ground Stone, Rangoli Mason, and Tito Dot tile designs from the H&R Johnson EDC portfolio bring to the terrace floor.

With these sturdy designer porcelain terrace tiles, you can elevate your terrace with artistic sophistication. The intricate patterns and textures bring an air of luxury, transforming your terrace into a canvas of artistic expression.

7. Contemporary Concrete-Look Tiles

Give up the concrete terrace floor without giving up the looks. Concrete-look terrace tiles revamp the terrace area with a contemporary look without altering its raw appearance. Concrete-look tiles embody an urban chic design coupled with durability, safety, and heat regulation features. 

The subtle textures and industrial aesthetics replicate the sophistication of concrete, transforming your terrace into a minimalist charm.

8. Mosaic Magic

Envision your terrace as an artistic canvas with mosaic-patterned tiles that adorn both the floor and seating area. These tiles infuse vibrant colours and intricate patterns into your outdoor space while offering durability. The mesmerizing designs replicate the beauty of mosaic art, transforming your terrace into a captivating retreat. 

H&R Johnson’s EDC tiles portfolio features mosaic tiles in various colours and formats including hexagon mosaics. So, whether you're relaxing or entertaining, the mosaic-patterned tiles create an atmosphere of visual delight.

9. Vibrant Ceramic Tiles

Solid-colour terrace tiles can enhance your terrace floor with the timeless elegance of bright colours. These terrace tiles offer a clean and versatile aesthetic while ensuring durability and safety. The understated hues create a serene ambience, transforming your terrace into a tranquil retreat.

With the touch of simplicity of plain terrace tiles beneath your feet, your outdoor space will exude a sense of calm and sophistication.

10. Contemporary Geometric Patterns

Geometric pattern terrace tiles can transform your terrace floor into a visual masterpiece. These tiles infuse modern design and artistic flair into your outdoor space. The intricate patterns and shapes create a captivating arrangement, turning your terrace into a stylish space.

How to Buy Terrace Tiles?

The best way to go about buying the best terrace tiles for your home or office is to set your budget straight first. You have a choice of several attractive options when it comes to terrace tiles. The tile price can vary based on the design, glaze type, thickness, and other factors.

The second step would be to shortlist a few design options to make the process faster. Some tile designs may need a lead time between order and delivery. For instance, cool roof tiles above 0.8cm thickness may take up to 45 days to deliver after order at H&R Johnson. Check with the manufacturer for the lead time, and tile options available near you for faster applications.


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