Significance of Fineness of Cement | Effect of Fineness Test of Cement


What is the degree of fineness of cement?

The degree of fineness of cement is a measure of the average (mean) size of the grains. The finer cement has quicker action with water and gains early strength without change within the ultimate strength. Finer cement is susceptible to shrinkage and cracking.

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Significance or Importance of Fineness Modulus Test of Cement
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Significance of Fineness of Cement | Effect of Fineness Test of Cement

  1. In almost all cement test, the fineness test of cement is to be determined.
  2. Fineness test is used in checking the proper grinding of cement and measuring the surface area of the cement particles per unit mass.
  3. As well as fineness of cement increases, the requirement of water for workability also increases which results in a higher possibility of dry shrinkage.
  4. Fineness of cement affects hydration rate of the cement and hence the rate of strength gain.
  5. Fineness of cement can increase the rate of hydration. More is the fineness of cement particles more will be the rate of hydration of the cement particles.
  6. Fineness of cement affects bleeding rate of the cement. Bleeding can be reduced by increasing fineness. However, increased fineness can also lead to the requirement of more water for workability of cement, resulting in a higher possibility of dry shrinkage.
  7. Fineness of cement can increase the final strength of cement.
  8. Fineness of cement can also affect its workability.
  9. Fineness test of cement is used to check the proper grinding of the cement and indirectly measures the surface area of the particles of cement per unit mass.
  10. The smaller the cement particles size, the greater the surface area-to-volume ratio, and thus, the more area available for water-cement interaction per unit volume.
  11. Therefore, finer cement reacts faster with water and the rate of development of strength and corresponding heat of hydration is high.
  12. Fineness of cement increases the strength development in the cement principally during its first seven days.
  13. Fineness of cement is a measure of how even each granules are, leading to a greater surface area and greater the surface area more the adhesion.

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